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Reminder: Political Events

28 Sep 2020 8:47 PM | Scott DuPree (Administrator)

Just a quick reminder to all of our members and friends.  The Marine Corps League holds a Congressional Charter.  As an organization, we are restricted from endorsing political parties or candidates.

All of us, as individuals, are encouraged to participate in the political process, from campaigning to voting.  

The Marine Corps League asks that you respectfully refrain from wearing any of the MCL uniform items that might give the appearance of the MCL support of a candidate or party.  To do so is in violation of Marine Corps League bylaws and enforceable by a hearing.  But we would rather just ask that you refrain from violating this rule.

If attending a rally, it is appropriate to wear your attire that shows your military service.  But please do not wear a Marine Corps League cover or uniform.  To do so not only gives the appearance of support by the League, it also puts in jeopardy the charter of your unit, department or national organization.

So please feel free to support your political process and be careful out there.  It's quite a ride in 2020.  

Mailing Address:  Gator 990 MCL, PO Box 14, High Springs, FL 32655 

Phone: (352) 727-1961


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