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The position of Commandant is one of responsibility and accountability.  The Commandant is tasked with being the Chairman of the Board of Trustees as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the detachment as a corporation.  In addition to management skills, a Commandant must employ leadership skills to influence and motivate both the staff and the membership to execute the missions and plans of the detachment.  Each Marine who has served as Commandant understands the weight of the position and they have our gratitude for having stepped up to serve as needed.

2020 to Present - vernon kisling

Marine Kisling assumed the responsibilities of his post in 2020.  Having served as the Senior Vice Commandant for seven years, he has placed an emphasis on helping the community and measuring that effort to ensure compliance and improvement. He continues to edit the detachment newsletter.  He is a thorough task master when it comes to staff meetings, keeping his Board of Trustees and various committees on task and up to date.

His focus on growth and community outreach has increased the tempo of the detachment.

Commandant Kisling has had the unique challenge of presiding over  the unit during a global pandemic of a virus that disproportionately affects people who are in the majority of our membership.  As it was with many organizations in the U.S. and around the world, periodic meetings were cancelled.  Monthly meetings stopped in March 2020 and did not resume until early 2021.

Commandant Kisling monitored the local and state guidance and had various unit staff meetings and activities with all the necessary precautions, including a scaled down outdoor version of the 2020 Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

To his credit, we have had no reports of any illnesses attributed to any of our unit activities.  


 2024- Matt Yakubsin   


 Vernon Kisling   2008-2009 * Cary Hill 
 2013-2020 Jim Yakubsin  2005-2008 Dick Lester
 2011-2013 Dick Lester  2000-2005*  Bob Gasche 
 2009-2011 Scott DuPree  1998-2000 Scott DuPree

   * = denotes Deceased

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