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From the General Meeting

26 Jan 2021 10:00 PM | Scott DuPree (Administrator)

Just to let everyone know we are back to meeting and getting some business done.  These are not the official minutes - just casual notes.

First we welcomed new member Marine Joe FERNANDEZ.  

ACCOUNTS: the Commandant announced that we now have one bank account instead of three, to reduce fees and improve efficiency.

NEW GENERAL MEETING SCHEDULE - Commandant Kisling announced that the General Meeting will alternate between Gainesville and Alachua.  In the odd months (Jan, Mar, May, etc) we will meet in Gainesville.
In the even months (Feb, Apr, Jun, etc) we will meet in Alachua.
* In Alachua, dinner will be 6pm to 7pm and business meeting at 7pm.
* Meetings in Gainesville will only be the business meeting at 7pm.

Just watch the event calendar and reminders.

AWARDS - the Commandant awarded Matt Yakubsin the Distinguished Citizen Award for his hard work with the 2020 Ball.  He presented Past Commandant Jim Yakubsin with a Distinguished Service Award for his seven terms as Commandant.  He awarded Forest Hope with the Distinguished Service Award to recognize him for Most Volunteer Hours for 2018 and 2019. 

Reminder: Detachment Social at Gators Dockside on Feb 1st.

UF NROTC: Gator 990 will pay for the annual leadership award.

Chaplain Bob Wright: John Murdoch's wife Barbara has passed and Sandy Golden's mom has passed.  We are remembering those folks.

THE BALL was successful.  High Springs Brewery would like to see us come party with them again.  So we are tentatively planning a Social event there on June 12th with food trucks available.  

We are looking to have the ball on Saturday, November 6th at the soon-to-be rebuilt Clarke Plantation.

Scott DuPree mentioned that the detachment's hard drive was located with content from 2009/2010.  DuPree invited people to share their photos that could be placed on the hard drive.

NOMINATIONS: we opened nominations for the February elections.  So far the current slate of officers are nominated and for the vacant Jr. Vice position, Marine Matt Yakubsin has been nominated.  Nominations will reopen at the February meeting, followed by an election and installation.

Sgt At Arms Bill Beck spoke about the Color Guard and the need for practice.

Forest Hope mentioned that the annual Veteran Stand Down has been pushed back to October.

That's pretty much it.  Hope to see YOU at a meeting soon.

Semper Fi!

Mailing Address:  Gator 990 MCL, PO Box 14, High Springs, FL 32655 

Phone: (352) 727-1961


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