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Birthday Ball Sold Out

18 Sep 2022 3:32 PM | Scott DuPree (Administrator)

With the Birthday Ball just two months away, our annual event is sold out.  We sold to the limit of 200 tickets.  We are grateful for the sponsors and advertisers who are graciously supporting us.  We look forward to putting on a great event.

The Birthday Ball serves a couple of purposes.  First and foremost, it serves as the Marines' celebration of 247 years of the Corps.  It includes a traditional ceremony and this event is celebrated every year by Marines in every clime and place.

On a local level, we typically observe a secondary relevant theme or historical observation.  In previous years we have celebrated Marines of World War II, Korea, Vietnam or Iraq/Afghanistan.  We have highlighted Women Marines and FMF Corpsman.  We have acknowledged notable members of our society who served wearing the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. 

This year, we will be observing 75 years of rebuilding under the National Security Act of 1947, under which the Marine Corps was affirmed after a couple of years of push by some in our government to dissolve the Corps. 

We invite the community to attend and observe our celebration so that they may observe those of us who hold the Marine Corps and the military branches of our country in high regard.  We let them see the Marine Corps family, our dedication not only to the service but also to each other and to our community.  While all understand the Marine Corps is the strongest fighting force on the planet, we aim to show that the men and women of this force go on to serve in our community.  We are law enforcement, businesses, doctors, nurses, accountants, farmers. We are young and old. We are citizens with the Marine Corps in our hearts and we are all around you.  

We look forward to our birthday celebration and all that goes with it.  

If you did not get a reservation this year, please keep an eye out for our messages next year and get your reservations in up front.

Mailing Address:  Gator 990 MCL, PO Box 14, High Springs, FL 32655 

Phone: (352) 727-1961


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